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Taizhou Huangyan Rhein Plastic Mold Co.,Ltd is a professional mould, thin wall product manufacturer and exporter in China.

Thin wall Mould&product, produced by Rhein Mould are widely used in household accessories, daily commodity, disposable usage, and industrial area. The thinnest wall we can control is 0.35mm, can be used in precision mould series, disposable usage, this makes us to be one of the best thin wall Mould manufacturers. Our thin wall Mould can be set up on most high speed injection machines, fastest cycle time can be 4 seconds, thin wall mould can be two cavity, four cavity and even more, according to different customers requirement. 

We are keeping improving optimize quality in order to appease with client’s demand. Rhein's will continue to bring our customers new thin wall product solutions and better mould technologies.

Our Main Products:
Thin wall mold-thin wall box mold, thin wall bowl mould, thin wall bucket mould, cup mould, knife mould, fork mould, spoon mould, plate mold.

Thin wall product: round thin wall bowl volume: 300ml/450ml/500ml/750ml/800ml/1000ml/1100ml/1250ml/1500ml/1750ml/2000ml/2500ml/3000ml/3500ml;
Rectangle thin wall box volume: 500ml/650ml/750ml/1000ml/1500ml;
Rectangle dual-compartment container box volume::650ml/850ml.

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